webmaster rules

Webmaster rules per December 2009
------ last edit: Nov 2018 ------

Affiliates for Dofantasy and sites operated and owned by PV BILL (dofantasy) are subjected to these rules.

FOR MEMBERSHIP WEBSITES (recurring membership)

Rebills will only be paid out if in the same month at least one new member signed up.

FOR SHOP WEBSITES (pay only once)

Commission is only paid if the number of paying clients is more then two per time period (month). This rule is intended so that customers are not able to get commission over their own sales.


  1. Traffic sent from sites using words specifically bound to our name or products will get a maximum commission of 10%.
    hint: You can split your account in two if you want to send traffic both ways.
    Names that fit this rule are: dofantasy, bdsmartwork, fansadox, Roberts, Cagri, Quoom, Ferres, Fernando, Templeton, Fansadox.
will be eligible for a 10% commission.
Porn-comics.com and BDSMcomics.com and comics-online would be eligible for the regular commission.
  1. Words or site names which are misspelled with intention will be eligible for a 10% commission
bdsmartwok.com, cofantasy.com, fantasydo.com, etc
  1. Forbidden site names and words in the pages.
The use of the following words (and the alike) is forbidden:

* To be absolutely clear. This means that as soon as a page contains (affiliate) links to us, the forbidden words may not be on that same page.
  1. Traffic coming from sites is not accepted.
  1. Things to keep in mind:
  1. Galleries and pictures:
  1. Search engine traffic:

Thanks a lot for reading these rules carefully. It is in the interest of everybody to build up new, clean traffic to our sites. Thanks a lot for you help on this.